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Appendix A — Networking and social activities

Day 1

We’ll all get into two circles, one inside the other and facing each other. A timer will go off every 4 minutes, afterwards the inner circle rotates to the next person. There is another timer every 2 minutes, where you have time to introduce yourself (your name only) and to share your thoughts on one of these questions. Choose at least two questions that you would like to share, so you don’t always repeat the same question.

  • How do you currently collaborate with others and are you happy with it?
  • What would an easy and smooth research collaboration look like (to you)?
  • How could you make it easier for others to collaborate on our project(s)?
  • Why are you here and what do you want to learn besides R?

Day 2

After lunch, get in your group and walk outside while discussing this topic and questions:

  • Share a positive or exciting experience you had related to data analysis, coding in R, or actively collaborating with others. It can be recent or in the past, but as long as it was a memorable and positive. What made it positive? Do you try to repeat that experience, or at least the feeling of it?

Day 3

Find someone you haven’t talked with yet, or have interacted with the least compared to everyone else and talk about these questions and topics. You can walk outside, find a table, or do whatever.

  • What would you spend your work time on if you had learned efficient and effective coding skills earlier in your career and were in a research culture that encouraged sharing and supporting these skills?
  • If instead of working, you could take those extra hours saved from being efficient for personal activities, what would you spend your time on?